You'll need water damage services in Fremont, CA

Flooding and leaks can severely impact your home. The resulting water damage often leads to mold growth and structural issues. That's why it's important to get water damage services as soon as possible after a disaster. Carpet Maintenance Company is a renowned water extraction company in Fremont, California. Our team provides effective services for an affordable price.

Consult a water damage expert from Carpet Maintenance Company in Fremont, California today.

Eliminate moisture damage completely

Not all water damage situations are the same. Our team has helped remediate damage after broken pipes, natural flooding and even normal laundry room runoff. No matter the extent of the moisture issue, you'll get thorough services from our team. Our water extraction company will:

  • Assess the extent of the damage using moisture sensors
  • Determine how far up the moisture has gone in the room
  • Create tiny holes in your walls to force air in
  • Use equipment to dry your walls, ceilings and floors
Your home will be in top condition again in only four days. Find out more about water damage services now by calling 510-825-4808.