Remove them with upholstery cleaning services in Fremont, CA

You may vacuum your floors or wipe down your countertops, but do you ever clean your upholstery? Most homeowners don't even consider how much dirt and sweat can accumulate in their furniture. You can refresh your home by getting upholstery cleaning services from Carpet Maintenance Company in Fremont, California. We use the top-rated products and equipment, including a molecular modifier that removes stains.

We can remove the traces of:

Food and drink stains
Pet urine
Skunk odors

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Never miss a spot

Accidents are just a part of life, but some spills can leave behind harsh upholstery stains. Luckily, you can trust our spot dyeing company to make stains disappear. What type of spots and spills are you trying to remove? We can use spot dyeing to cover red wine, chlorine, bleach and Kool-Aid stains. Your upholstery will look beautiful and even again in no time at all.

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